Occupational Skills

Worship and Sacraments
Prepared and delivered educational sermons with multi-media on a weekly basis
Accommodated various working methods for a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of educational backgrounds, learning styles and needs
Planned and coordinated numerous intergenerational worship services and events, such as “Messy Church”, outdoor worship, U2charist
Keen participant in “Partners in the Dance”, an event for progressive and emergent Christians in the Maritime Conference
Presided at numerous funerals and weddings
Officiated in regularly scheduled communion and baptisms
Offered worship in senior’s homes to provide comfort and fellowship
Presided at home communion for shut-ins

Worked in team ministry for 5 years, worked in cooperative ministry, including a shared congregation for 4.5 years.
Current chair of Maritime Conference Annual Meeting Planning Committee
Member of the Maritime Conference Executive
Past Chair of Maritime Conference Children, Youth and Young Adult Committee
Past planning chair of Intermediates at Conference
Past member of the General Council Working Task Group for Candidacy Pathway
Certified Yoga Teacher
Experienced in facilitation of Mission Statement and Vision Building
Experienced in facilitating Asset Mapping

Pastoral Care
Provided ongoing pastoral care to teens and children through leadership, including organizing “The Maritime Bus” to Rendezvous 2011
Provided ongoing pastoral care to young adults and youth through social media, recognize the need for this in an official capacity and as an integrated part of my ministry.
Provided a listening ear, support, theological reflection and referrals when required for families dealing with a variety of issues, including but not limited to: suicide, death of children, sexual abuse, violence, divorce and remarriage, fire, multiple (young) deaths, loss of jobs, coming out, Post Traumatic Stress
Experienced in small group covenants and pastoral care through group experience
Facilitated/hosted a series of online articles helping parents to explain death and heaven to children

Christian Education
Planned and wrote Sunday School curriculum for over three years
Experienced and confident in working with rotation model programming
Offered numerous marriage, confirmation, baptism and communion preparation workshops
Certified Godly Play Storyteller
Organized “The Cooking School of Milk & Honey” educational experience
Increased attendance and a deepening of faith for participants in four different Sunday Schools
Expressed ideas and reflections through a variety of teaching methods (art, multi-media, spoken/written word, and song)
Experienced in small group facilitation
Lead lectionary based Bible study
Facilitated “Living The Questions”

Social Justice
Listened and accompanied others through volunteer work for a local women’s shelter and a delegation in Guatemala
Listened and advised youth in the local Gay/Straight Alliance to provide comfort, improve self esteem, and self awareness
Advocated for the needs of children, youth and young adults in congregations, presbytery and conference
Developed an understanding of lower economic income earners and financial barriers through working experience in the fast food industry
Part of small and larger groups working towards diversifying the church experience and faith community building

Community Oriented
Organized a generational bridge-building dinner theatre
Actively participated in community planning events, including affordable housing and local food systems
Engaged congregation in living faith through community symbols and actions
Organized Al Anon, Alateen and AA Groups