Church Pews For Sale

We have three different types of pews for sale.  All pews are made of pine and are painted a cream colour with a burgundy trim. We are unable to deliver as we don’t own a truck, however if numerous people were interested from a similar location, we’d be willing to rent a truck for an additional price.

6 Foot “Center” Pews – $150

Centre 6′ pews
Centre 6' Pew
Centre 6′ Pew

6 Foot “Side” Pews – $100

side pew
Side Pew 6′

Custom length < 6′  “Center” Pews (we’ll cut and end them) – $150

(Pictures to come)

Back Detail (hymn book rack included)

Hymn Book Rack
Hymn Book Rack

Side Detail

Aisle Side Detail
Aisle Side Detail

A few other things for sale:

Blue Hymnary, large and small print. Good for scrapbooking and other crafts.
Red Hymn Book, one size, faded covers. Good for scrapbooking and other crafts.
Inside Blue Hymnary
Inside Red Hymn Book
Altar Candles, some candle refills included.

Contact me to purchase or for more details.