No one is ever really ready for Christmas.

If we were really all prepared:

if every gift we had contemplated had been obtained;

if every present was beautifully beribboned;

if all the goodies our friends deserve were baked and cooled, and stored just so;

if each and every person we love was gathered for our celebration;

if we never snapped at someone we care about, nor stopped short of being all that we could be…

They truly would be ready – and truly we would not need Christmas quite so much.

So come, Christmas, most needed of seasons.

All  Come Christmas!

Come, Love,

Come, Hope.

Be born in our unready hearts on this silent and holy night.  MMKilloran/edited


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We come to acknowledge the many colours of Christmas:

Colours of red in the shining ornaments and rosy glow of merriment;

-a time for meeting our memories and honouring favourite traditions.

Colours of green in the trees and boughs of holly;

-a time for seeing signs of new life in the depths of winter.

Colours of white in the snow blanketed fields and the icy breath of cold;

a time for warmth and care of each other and dreams of longer days.

Colours of blue in the deep winter starlight;

-a time when the shadows of loss threaten to overwhelm us.

We gather in this time to find hope;

We come to open our spirits to the courage of living amid all the colours of this season.

(Dr Nancy L Steeves)