I grew up in a remote fishing village in Guysborough County, Nova Scotia. I am the oldest of three and have a large extended family. Most Sundays during my formative years, were spent participating in an ecumenical Sunday school or attending church at New Harbour United Church. Although I did not recognize a call to ministry in my childhood, I enjoyed my time at church and at age 12 asked to be baptized. By the time I was 14, I had been elected an elder and minute taker at church meetings. I participated in Youth Forum and in the local youth group offered by the United minister and the Anglican priest.

I went to Mount Allision University as a Sharpe scholar, and started my church participation on a different level. As a youth representative to the conference executive, I was exposed to a different side of the church. I also participated in general council during that time as a youth forum delegate and as a youth delegate. I spent two summers at Camp Kidston, a United Church camp in the Musquodoboit Valley. During my final semester at Mount Allison, while trying to figure out what I would do the next year, I discovered that some of the things that gave me the most joy was my church work. I knew that I was called to work in the church, but not to do ministry as I understood it.

Through the process of discernment, a semester at the Atlantic School of Theology and the Leadership Development Module at the Centre for Christian Studies, I discovered Diaconal ministry. It was exactly the right fit for me, the person who wanted to be a teacher or a social worker, but work in the church. Diaconal ministry would give me the opportunity to build bridges between the church and it’s surrounding community. It would give me the opportunity to be creative and resourceful, artistic and structured, self reflective and counter cultural.

In 2004, I met Bobby Pace, who became my best friend and constant companion. We married in 2007, but Bobby has been on the journey of life with me since 2004. I worked as student supply for four years (one year in pastoral ministry and three in youth ministry), often while completing a full course load, including student placements. In 2009, I graduated and was settled to Middle Musquodoboit Pastoral Charge, where I spent four and a half years building connections between the pastoral charge and the community around them. As happy as I was in Musquodoboit, I was feeling called to a “first third” ministry, working with young families and their loved ones. I spent one and a half years in New Minas at Orchard Valley, as the minister of Worship, Youth and Young Families, before trying out my wings at St. Luke’s United Church in Upper Tantallon. In my spare time I enjoy yoga, cake decorating, cycling, hiking, trying to teach my dogs tricks, and spending time with Bob and my family. Annika