December 17, 2017 – Advent 3

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Halifax Mission to Seafarers

Words of Welcome

“We begin by acknowledging that we are in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq people. This territory is covered by the peace and friendship treaties which Mi’kmaq and Maliseet peoples first signed with the British crown in 1725. These treaties did not deal with surrender of lands or resources, but in fact recognized Mi’kmaq title and established rules for what was to be an ongoing relationship between nations.” May we honour the friendship, support and spirit of peace which was offered to our settler ancestors.

Hymn   Hope is a Star   VU 7

Call to Worship

One: O come descendant of King David, you are the Key that unlocks the door to our safety and shuts out our misery.
All: Rejoice! Rejoice, God will come to be with us, to be with the oppressed.
One: O come Holy Dawn, your presence will help us to make it through these dark times and scare away death.
All: Rejoice! Rejoice, God will come to be with us, to be with the oppressed.
One: O come You who are desired by everyone and help bring us together in our mission and purpose. Help us to get rid of our conflict and be our Prince of Peace.
All: Rejoice! Rejoice, God will come to be with us, to be with the oppressed.

O Come, O Come Emmanuel   VU 1 v5-7

Opening Prayer

Today O God, we pray for Joy. We pray for enough joy to remember when we are going through the rough places in life. We pray that for those who have a hard time finding Joy: we might become a sign of Joy.

Hymn   There Was a Child in Galilee   MV 134

Advent Wreath   A Story of Joy  – Ron & Betty Baily

Response  A Candle is Burning   VU 6 v3

Theme Conversation:  Rev. Maggie – Mission to Seafarers

Music Ministry   One Little Candle   Dragonfly Choir

Readings Isaiah 55:1-13

Musical Response   Your Word is A Lamp unto my Feet   VU 840

Speaker:  Rev. Maggie Whittingham-Lamont from Halifax Mission to Seafarers

Hymn   There’s a Spirit in the Air   VU 582 v 1,3,5,7

Minute for Mission

Offering Invitation

Thank you for your generosity. Because of your gifts, this week we were able to provide books to many families around the St. Margaret’s Bay area, prayer shawls to a number of women who will be alone and struggling to overcome addiction over the holidays, easy access to music and intergenerational engagement through the Boomwhackers. All of the shoeboxes for the Mission to Seafarers, our regular foodbank donations and donations to Brunswick Street Mission are also because of your generosity. Thank-you for continuing to give.

Offertory   Ev’ry Day is a Day   MV 185

Offertory Prayer

May these gifts, those given through PAR, our commitment to give, and these shoeboxes be seen as the gifts they truly are. Amen.

Prayer Music   Donna Nobis   VU 955

Prayers of the People

Ending with the spoken Prayer of Jesus. During the Prayer of Jesus, you are invited to use the translation and language of your choice. A variety of translations and expressions of the Prayer of Jesus (also known as The Lord’s Prayer) can be found in Voices United pages 916-927.

Commissioning & Benediction

Choral Blessing   Go Ye Into All The World

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