January 22, 2017

No reflection this week from me, I was away for a family emergency and a parishioner offered to take over that part of worship.

St. Luke’s United Church
January 22nd, 2017
Words of Welcome and Announcements
Welcome to St. Luke’s, a proud congregation of the United Church of Canada. If this is your first time with us, please be sure to come across the hall for coffee/tea and snacks after worship. We have visitor offering envelopes available from the greeters, as well as a “Welcome Brochure” outlining our contact information. If you have come looking to speak to someone, please be sure to find one of our Pastoral Care Volunteers wearing an “I am here to listen” nametag.

Hymn Jesus Saw Them Fishing MV 113

Call to Worship:
One: The theme today is all about the call: the call to live your life the way Jesus modeled for us. For some of the disciples, the call rang out in the form of Jesus voice across the water.
All: Sometimes, the call is hard to hear.
One: As we prepare ourselves for worship, let’s listen for God’s call.
All: We will listen with our ears and with our hearts.

Lighting the Christ Candle & Centering

Opening Prayer:
May this worship be filled with the joy of hearing and understanding the call to be followers of the way that Jesus taught. May it be so.

Hymn Dear Lord, Lead Me Day by Day VU 568

Fishing for People

Readings Luke 5:1-11

Hymn He Leadth Me VU 657

Gordon Earle

Minute for Mission

Offering Invitation
The call can be answered in many ways, including with your offering.

Offertory Though I May Speak VU 372 v. 2

Offering Prayer
May these gifts and those given through PAR become a commitment to living the way that Jesus taught. Amen.

Prayer Music Pure Love MV 31

Prayers of the People
Ending with the Prayer of Jesus.
During the Prayer of Jesus, you are invited to use the translation and language of your choice. A variety of translations and expressions of the Prayer of Jesus (also known as The Lord’s Prayer) can be found in Voices United pages 916-927.

Commissioning and Benediction

Musical Blessing Behold, Behold, I Make All Things New MV 115

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