September 11, 2016

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The Liturgical Colour Orange and Ember Days
The Text This Week
Rex Hunt Liturgies
“The Hippy-Dippy” video also known as “Welcome Home”

St. Luke’s United Church
September 11th, 2016
Hymn     I Have Called You by Your Name                                       MV 161

Words of Welcome and Announcements
Centering & Lighting the Christ Candle
Hymn  A Woman and a Coin – The Coin is Lost                             VU 360

 Call to Worship
One: Draw the circle wide.
All: Draw it wider still.
One: Make more room to include everyone –
All:  and everything.
One: In this season of Creation, we gather to celebrate diversity!
All: May we grow as a community in this time of worship together.

Creative Sparks: Prodigal Daughter

Opening Prayer
We pray that this may be a time of recognition:
Of the Holy that surrounds us,
Of the Sacred that rests within us,
Of the Covenant between us,
Of the Spirit-filled home we build together.

Music Ministry: “Home” (Phillip Phillips) Sung by David Murray

The Hunt

Readings: Luke 15:1-32
The Wombat (All Is One)

Welcome back.
Welcome back from a summer of revolving doors, of car doors and of outdoors.
Welcome back from a summer of humidity, of homogeny, and for many of us, of majority.
Welcome back from a summer of rest or busyness, loud concerts or stillness,

From camp sites and bug bites, late nights and patio lights.
From sunshine and construction signs, campfires and all-season tires.
From fire bans and sun tans, flip flops and tank tops.

Welcome back.
Welcome back from a summer of farm stands, of hand stands and of beach sands.
Welcome back from a summer of ice creams, of sweet dreams and of “Finding Dorey” memes.
Welcome back from a summer of pokemon or free play, rat races or relay.

From the MacDonald Bridge’s “Big Lift” and gender fluidity with Jaden Smith.
From the “Tragically Hip” epic final and the mail strike threats that became quite banal.
From the Fort MacMurray Evacuation, Sohpie Trudeau’s need for a vacation and fundraisers that crossed this nation.

Welcome back.
Welcome back from a summer of Trump fascism of trying to understand heterosexism.
Welcome back from a summer of intense Pride and of trying to deny each other a free ride.
Welcome back from a summer of the blacklivesmatter protest, of civil unrest, to France dictating how certain women dress!

From undeserved corporate raises, from unwanted and leering gazes,
From social crisis, from rising prices,
From so much change that we can’t keep up, so we drink up instead of speaking up.

Welcome back.
Welcome back.
Welcome back.

All you who are weary welcome back.
Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling, Welcome Back
So are the “Sweat Hogs”, Julie Chen, and the rest of us who are happy to see each other again.
Welcome back.

Back to church, back to work, back to school.
Back to keeping your nose clean and playing by the rules.
Back to the news, back to the mall, back to protests.
Back to standing up for what you believe in, but I digress.
Welcome back.

Welcome back to the prodigal daughters and sons.
Welcome back to understanding that means anyone.
Welcome back to change and to lack there of.
Welcome back.

To compromise, to challenge, to making a difference.
To trying my best to be a good witness.
To working to understand each other.
To confusion, to clarity, to new topics that we might cover.

Welcome back.
Welcome back.

To working for the good of the whole.
To understanding that each person plays a role.
To realizing you can’t do it alone,
It takes a lot of people to build a spiritual home.
Welcome back.

I don’t care why you came.
I just hope you won’t leave the same.
Parent or child, shepherd or sheep, coin or the seeker
The message can’t get much clearer:
Welcome back home.

Hymn MV 174

Minute for  Freedom Renwal Centre

Minute for Mission

Offering Invitation
Sometimes, like the Prodigal Family, we get so wrapped up in power and money, that we forget that our relationships are the most important thing.  Whatever you choose to offer today, and every day, offer it with Love, remembering that the relationships are the most important part.


Offertory  Called by Earth and Sky                   MV 135 (refrain, v1, refrain)

Offering Prayer
May these gifts and those given through PAR be symbolic of the Love that rests within the community of St. Luke’s.  Amen.

Prayer Music:       Take, O Take Me as I Am                                    MV 85

Prayers of the People & Prayer of Jesus
During the Prayer of Jesus, you are invited to use the translation and language of your choice.  A variety of translations and expressions of the Prayer of Jesus (also known as The Lord’s Prayer) can be found in Voices United pages 921-927.

Commissioning and Benediction

Musical Blessing  Spirit God, Be Our Breath                                  MV 150  v1

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  1. Jane Doull says:

    I’m really enjoying your blog, Annika! Lots of great ideas here for creative and timely worship- I’ll be visiting often. Keep posting! Many thanks for doing this.

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