Labour Day Weekend

Second weekend at “the cottage”!  We didn’t get much work done this weekend, as Harbourview Days were rescheduled from earlier in the summer.  Bob and I were both involved in that.  It was also my niece’s, Ashlynn, third birthday.

We’re still working on making sure the church is weather tight, and are slightly on hold for that until we sell enough pews to pay for repairs to the steeple.  It’s not a bad thing though.  The property needs to be reassessed as there is some sort of clerical error – the online registry states that the property size is much larger (a badly placed decimal) than what it really is.  It also states that there is a full basement (nope) and washroom facilities (where have they been all my life?!? lol) so we don’t want too change too much before reassessment as we’ve challenged our property taxes for 2016.  It’s really easy for there to be errors when your church property is converted to residential.  How many churches actually look at what the property registry says about their property?  To add to the complexity of the situation, the land registry office has been moved from a local office in the district to a “regional” one.  The regional one is in Sydney – 3 hrs away.

On to the brighter, this water cooler came from family friends.  Their cottage was built in the early 70’s (I’ll have to verify when) and they thought the cooler came from the Upper River School House (It’s the first cottage on the left when you turn on to the dirt road through the woods to Lundy).  My Dad started school there and my Mom joined him there for a few months after the Lower School (Albert and Dama Ehler’s) was closed before the new school with plenty of room opened across from Angus and Mary Luddington’s.  No one seems to be terribly sure where it came from though.IMG_0548

My Mom left us a little housewarming/anniversary present when she went over to plug the fridge in for us.  I think it fits in well.


This was the view Friday morning.  Crazy cool.


We (my sister, the kids and myself) took a break from the festivities on Friday night.  We hung out at our place until it was time to go back to the hall.  We found some ancient toys for Ashlynn to play with.  Anyone remember these?


Photo Credit: Mindy Kelly Barrett (on my lap) 4 months, Ashlynn (on the right) 3 years old

Bob was the Minion in the parade on Saturday morning.  We thought we’d have a bit more fun with the costume before returning it.  I think it sums up our odd little family quite well!

Photo Credit: Mindy Kelly
Photo Credit: Mindy Kelly

Hopefully this won’t be our last visit before the snow flies.

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