So I went to New Harbour for most of my vacation.  Cleaned the church A LOT (I love Lysol with Javex!), moved stuff around and climbed up to the steeple.  It’s quite high up, but I wanted to see for myself just how much rot was up there.  I wish I had gotten my Mom to take a picture (Dad and Bob were on strict orders not to let go of the ladder!) maybe next time.

Anyways, once I got up there, it was pretty cool to see how they structured the inside.  I was also relieved to see less rot than I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong – I could see the sky when I shouldn’t have been able too.  And I couldn’t see all sides of the beams, so there may still be some unexpected surprises.  However, we can now move forward with the plan of just replacing the rotten boards and re-shingling instead of having to re-do the whole end of the church.  Hopefully, with the sale of a few pews, we’ll be able to get it weather tight before winter.  I hope.

Steeple. See the light? You shouldn’t see the light.
Looking towards the other end. I wish the lighting was better. This picture just doesn’t do it justice.
Rotten wood, dirt, bird droppings, and part of the trap door.
Where I accidentally busted the ancient hinge that I didn’t know was there. There was only one way to open the trap door and they hinged it that way from the inside. I had no clue until after I got it open that there were hinges that were rusted in place! The door itself was so rotten that it will need to be replaced.
Busted hinge and a cobweb. Yeah, it was creepy like that.
Rotten wood, dirt, mold?, bird droppings?, and “the wiring”.

On the way back down I removed the last, and nastiest old blind (much to everyone’s amazement!). Once I got all the way down, we decided that we could sleep there, even if there was crazy rain.  We did have a slight problem though.  In the cleaning and mold ridding frenzy, we took down the blinds.  Even if we hadn’t, the strings were so rotten they crumbled when touched.  We set up the former “minister’s room” as a dressing area, but what would we do when the light came streaming in?  After some creative thinking, we setup the tent – an instant room! I just wish I had taken a picture.  Next time 🙂

Normally, we don’t let the dogs sleep with us, but I wanted them to get used to the idea of sleeping in a tent so we could possibly take them camping.  Skipper LOVED the idea.  He happily put himself to bed very early.  Maggie was a different story.  She was awake the whole first night.  Jumping on the air mattress, jumping off the air mattress.  Giving Bob kisses on his forehead, whacking me in the face with her tail.  Kissing me on the forehead while whacking Bob in the face with her tail.  At 4am, Bob, Skipper and I decided we’d had enough of Maggie’s excitement and put them in the kennel.  Maggie was NOT ok with that.  She proceeded to drag the kennel towards the tent.  It’s a big kennel, she’s just 10lbs!  So I rooted around and found a light, shone it into the kennel and told her “night, night”.  We slept until 9am.  The next night went much better.  Less agitation from Maggie.  Skipper is now a devoted air mattress and tent fan.

We’re planning to spend Labour Day Weekend there, which will also coincide with our anniversary. 🙂

Once we get the roof tight again, our next goal is a composting toilet and rain water collection system.  Our goal is to be as “off grid” as possible.  At this point the lot isn’t big enough for a septic field and being as close to the cemetery as it is, we doubt that any water would be potable.  At this point it makes the most sense to bring drinking water from my parents’ place and use rain water for washing hands, dishes, etc.  Our good friends, Jeff and Kara, have a great collection and gravity fed tap system.  We are thinking we will likely be able to rig up something similar fairly easily.  Hopefully, with any kind of luck, we’ll be ready for overnight guests by Labour Day Weekend 2017 – that is if you don’t mind roughing it a little bit 😉

Oh yeah! One last picture before signing off tonight.  This is “our” beach 🙂

Our “beach” 🙂

The river was quite low (we’re in a drought in Nova Scotia) so there was way more beach than usual. Maggie was so muddy after 20 mins of sniffing around down there! lol  I can’t wait to go swimming there – maybe my niece Ashlynn will be up for a little splashing with me on Labour Day Weekend…

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