The Pews

We’ve had a lot of questions about the pews.  On the May Long Weekend we pulled them out.  Underneath one we found a nickle from 1935.  Kinda cool!

The front side of a nickle we found buried in 70 years of dirt!
IMG_0398 (1)
Back side of the nickle we found under the leg of a pew.

But back to the pews.  So the rot in the steeple is bad.  It’s still hard to tell how bad the rot is without climbing up (my cousin’s son and likely myself are going to attempt this in the near future!) and the climb itself can’t be done with a regular ladder.  Worst case scenario:  the whole steeple and a portion of the front window is rotten.  If that’s the case, we’ll likely remove the steeple and potentially the whole front, scale back the size of the church.  Best case scenario: we only have to replace a few boards and the shingles.  Either way we are still going to need to rent a cherry picker (really big ladder with a basket on top) or a massive amount of staging.  Not to mention purchasing shingles, wood to replace the rotten stuff and labour costs (there’s no way Bob and I can do this on our own!)  We’re hoping that best case scenario costs will be less than $1000.  Worst case scenario costs…well, it’ll be much more than $1000.

As many folks know we currently own a house in New Minas and commute to work in HRM – about 1.5 hours each way.  Our house in New Minas is on the market but until it sells, we are somewhat strapped for cash as at least one car makes the trip six out of seven days a week and usually at least once a week two cars make the trip on the same day.  We are really hoping for a best case scenario with the rot in the steeple – we’ve figured out a way to pay for it!

We’re selling the pews!  Originally, we thought we would turn them into furniture for the cottage, as we’ll still keep a few for that.  This seems to be a much more practical solution.  Here’s the details.

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