The Journey Begins!

Back in November, Bob and I bought the church I grew up in.  It was a process, let me tell you, with the migration and legal fees being more than we paid for the building itself!  All that aside though, we are looking forward to renovating it into a place where we can stay when we go to New Harbour.  When we shared with our family and friends on facebook about our purchase, people were quite eager to see and hear about the transformation, so I thought we’d share our journey on my website.

We’ll be recycling and salvaging as much as possible, since we don’t really have the funds to do anymore renos than necessary right now.  This could get interesting!

The small landing area behind the church.
Maggie peeking inside.
The stained glass window.
The whole church – and Bob!
inside view (and my Dad)
Mom and Bob at the back, Skipper walking up the isle.
More inside (and my Mom)

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